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Managing Change

Leading change and managing it safely requires more than technical knowledge and cognitive ability. What is required is a skill set that compliments technical ‘know how’. A set of emotional and social competencies which fall under the banner of non-technical skills and fundamental to effective leadership, and identified for providing the ability to influence the behaviours of others is Emotional Intelligence. AJM can assist in the identification and development of change leaders. The contribution of Emotional Intelligence and the part non-technical skills play in a leaders ability to influence change, create positive cultures, adapt to changes in the environment and manage safely are now well understood. AJM can transfer this understanding of the non-technical skills and Emotional Intelligence and, concept of someone’s ability to apply knowledge to the immediacy of a situation and be more successful in dealing with the immediacy of environmental and organisational demands into your organisation. The immediacy of unplanned change places greater stress on individuals. Managing it effectively is vital.

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