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Alex McDougall
Alexander J McDougall Ltd

Maximising a return amidst global competition and economic uncertainty isn’t easy, and, as the acts, behaviours and omissions of leaders and managers are now more than ever being identified as part of the causal sequence of organisational accidents and fatalities, it’s going to get tougher.

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Here at AJM we have a proven track record for assisting in the creation of high performing teams through the development of individual and team group Emotional Intelligence.

Alex has researched, presented internationally and applied Emotional Intelligence for over ten years in what is still classed as one of the most hazardous industries in the world, mining! Alex has also applied Emotional intelligence in academia and lectures on emotional intelligence and business performance. Alex’s research has been used in the management of change, organisational development, cultural change and on-boarding and development processes.

AJM’s most recent research has been applied to safety culture and leadership and the successful application has been accredited to the achievement of over 365 days accident free days and has been presented at a leading UK mining conference. The research has made explicit the link between leadership behaviours and safety performance.

The work at AJM has gained international credibility for the application as what’s deemed the ‘softer’ skills, in what’s viewed as one of the hardest industries. The understanding of the part Emotional Intelligence plays in the managements of self, behaviours and organisational culture is the core work at AJM. The development of the non-technical dimension of a person’s intelligence is the key to personal and organisational performance.

All AJM consultants have operational backgrounds to match their academic and professional accreditations to ensure that the best practice approach designed for you is, indeed the best fit for your organisation. Listening to you, and gaining an understanding of where you are, and where you want to be is our cornerstone.

All AJM consultants, and associates have extensive knowledge and understanding of the two scientifically validated tools we use to assess, manage and develop both individual, leadership and group Emotional Intelligence. All AJM consultants are certified to use both the Emotional Quotient Inventry (EQi 2.0®, EQ360® and the Roche Martin Emotional Capital and 360 assessments.

AJM can help you develop your own internal emotional intelligence framework and become self sufficient.

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